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First Grade Set of Reproducibles 2022


Please Note!  These sets of reproducibles align with materials prior to spring 2023. For more information call 816-797-2473.

As of May 2023:

  1. items from the reproducibles that required lamination are provided in 2023 kits.
  2. Sets of flash card items are printed on card stock and provided in 2023 kits.
  3. Remaining materials are provided as downloadable PDF’s.
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Included in the set:

  • Each of the five sections (Consonants, Vowels, Segment and Write, Read Words and Read in Context) have a green cover sheet to indicate where the section begins. The cover sheet tells how to assemble and when to use the reproducibles.
  • If the directions call for three copies of an item, three copies are in the set.
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