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Educator Resources for Pathways to Reading

A complete set of virtual, community, and reproducible resources to complement the PTR Curriculum

The Pathways to Reading Resources provide the teacher with masters for consumable printable materials as well as virtual lessons that animate Large and Small Group instruction for use in face to face, socially distanced or virtual instructional settings.

New!Learning Board

Tutor one on one or work virtually with small groups!

A virtual resource that enables teachers to continue PTR small group instruction with up to 5 students in distance learning and social distancing settings.

PTR Strategies taught with the e-Path learning board enable the development of critical foundational reading skills in face to face and virtual settings.

This product is offered as a per teacher subscription (not per student).

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Features teachers will love

Share your screen and introduce new learning concepts.

View the boards of up to 5 students.

Select and enlarge a student’s board to observe and respond to errors as the student drags and drops letters or writes responses.

Drag and drop colored squares to introduce advanced oral phonemic awareness concepts or to respond to errors.

Click on our PTR friend Screech to share phonics posters and other charts.

Stay up to date and active with our community resources

Pathways to Reading has an active community of teachers and consulants.

“More After Four” Zoom Sessions

Schedule a free 30 minute zoom session with a PTR consultant.  Get PTR implementation and pacing questions answered.                            Hour sessions one on one or a group $95/hour.

Meet Our Consultants

Your success is our goal. After you train with us we’re always available to visit by phone or email.

We’re happy to visit with you.

Pathways to Reading continues to develop resources for trained educators to access

These resources are provided to teachers who have completed the training program to assist with conducting the PTR program both in distance learning and face to face learning.

Access code available upon completion of PTR Year 1 training.

Virtual Resources

  • Video Library
  • Power Point Large Group Lessons
  • Power Point Small Group Lessons
  • Power Point Spelling Lessons

Reproducible Resources

  • Small Group Folder Contents
  • Lesson Reproducibles
  • Placement Guide for Decodable Books
  • Excel Pathways Assessment Report
  • Assessment Masters
  • Direction for Small Group Formation
  • Kindergarten Reinforcement Activity Masters
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