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‘Kindergarten SNAP and Map’ Cards – First 100 HF Words


New! SNAP & Map High Frequency Word Sets (replaces PTR’s older SNAP words.) These cards are explained in the 2017 Kindergarten Small Group Manual and feature color coded word sets by vowels and syllable structure to create phrases and sentences.

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Included in the set:

  • Words separated into color coded sets by vowels and syllable structure.
  • Target word on the front of card. Phrase or short sentence on the back.
  • Phrases and sentences are created using words in the set repeatedly.
  • Words from a previous set are spiraled up and used in the next set.
  • Mapping exercise on back of card. After reading students are asked to spell a portion of the word requiring them to 'map' the letters in the word for exact word representation.
  • Non-phonetic words have the phonetic spelling in small print to assist with independent decoding practice. These cards have 'Screech' in the corner.
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