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NEW! e-Path Learning Board


A virtual resource that enables teachers to continue PTR small group instruction with up to 5 students in distance learning and social distancing settings.

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Item Description

PTR strategies taught with the e-PATH board enable the development of critical foundational reading skills in virtual settings as well as face to face. The e-PATH board allows our teachers to respond to student errors and employ our important questioning process that leads to student self-correction and learning.

The e-PATH is sold as a yearly subscription beginning August 1st and ending July 31st of each year.  Prices are pro-rated depending on time of purchase.  Subscription fees per person:

0-10: $35       11-20: $30         21-30: $25       31-50: $20       50+: $1000 flat rate

Features teachers will love

Share your screen and introduce new learning concepts.

View the boards of up to 5 students.

Select and enlarge a student’s board to observe and respond to errors as the student drags and drops letters or writes responses.

Drag and drop colored squares to introduce advanced oral phonemic awareness concepts or to respond to errors.

Click on our PTR friend Screech to share phonics posters and other charts.

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